Woman An Asset To The Nation

This book deals with the complex issue of womanhood. Never has a word been so misunderstood by both male and female, yet the woman is like the sun around which all of humanity revolves.

If all men know what God packed into the woman at creation; infact, if the female gender herself understands her full worth, paradise could be regained in every family, home and Woman An Asset To The Nationin every city and nation.

Alas! Humanity gropes in the wilderness of misplaced priority. Womanhood is rubbed in the dust of time. The consequence has been grave! Shattered dreams, broken homes, blasted families, confused individuals and derailed nation.

But all hope is not lost. This book is an expedition into the realm of surprise rediscovery of womanhood. The men reading this need to strap on their seatbelt to take on the shockwave, because you are about to see woman in her true being, perhaps for the first time.

And for the female reader, you no doubt know you are a female, right? But what you’ve possibly not done is weigh yourself on creation scale; therefore, you would thank God for making you a woman. You need to look yourself up again and see you in the mirror of God. There alone you are guaranteed a fresh gait, a soothing confidence; it’s a new world of great possibilities.