The Company

Pneuma Publishing Limited is an information resource management company duly registered in 1995 under the Corporate Acts Commission of Nigeria.
The business was pioneered by the managing director, Mrs Adenike Adeyemi.

Brief History

The business started by the strong passion of the visionary for books and information. She started out by selling both local and foreign books that had aided her growth and development while growing up. This, she did, within her living room, through encouragements from her husband, Sam Adeyemi who later wrote the book, ‘Start With What You Have’.

Then, a shop was acquired simultaneously as Sam Adeyemi’s published books and audio messages became bestsellers in the metropolis.

Pneuma publishing thus became the sole publisher of Sam and Nike Adeyemi’s information products.


Pneuma Publishing has grown into a Publishing House cum Information Resources management and distribution Organization.

With some distinguished personalities as staffs and a management team of  dynamic individuals, Pneuma Publishing is poised to bridge the knowledge gap in our socio-political and cultural environment.

The company has the vision of transforming lives through the dissemination of value adding information and creating wealth for all its stakeholders.